Socialists’ action for climate change

Workers Solidarity Movement          Photo by Ruanua from Wikipedia

In a week of green Cardiff, in which we’re looking at environmental stories, a group of socialists have also been expressing their green credentials. The  Socialist Workers Party  in Cardiff say capitalism has wasted huge amounts of fossil fuels, and is one of the main reasons behind climate change.

The party is looking to launch an event next week to align with its message for members to organise against climate change, austerity and capitalism. They say, for instance, only socialism can stop capitalism’s plastic problem

Socialist, Phil Allsopp said, ”we are actually looking at a different way of organizing the world…what we think is through the struggle of people.”

The meeting held in Cathays Youth and Community Centre   Photo by: CNP

On other issues,  Mr. Allsopp  said socialists are looking for ”democratic principles, where people come together and decide on the way they want to world to be.  He said in order to achieve it, they  require the joint help of other organizations and students. They say for the future, they will continue to work with schools and support organization, like Extinction Rebellion in London, which recently protested in the House of Commons by its members stripping of their clothes.


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