Textile artist helps people hold the memory

Alison Moger is a textile artist and designer. She loves to explore the use of traditional stitch and print with its narrative qualities. 

She aims to bring the discarded old textiles back to life with humour and a feeling of belonging.

Alison Moger. Photo: CNP

She likes working with people in the care home together. She’d like to listen to the stories from people.

She said ‘‘I enjoy working in the care homes. I’ve always really at strong infinity with older people. I really think they should be respected far more. They’ve got stories, their experiences and they’ve done the amazing things. ’’

In her works, domestic textiles and vintage fabrics are always used to make some art pieces. She always believes that old things could help people remind the past.

‘‘I always use domestic textiles, vintage fabrics, and recycled materials. Those things are very environmental. they also hold the memories, and I can just build more stories into the cloth. ’’

Those stories behind the textile and fabric could inspire her work and creation and then build her artworks based on the stories.

She says that making these textile artworks always make her happy and enjoyed.

Photo: CNP

‘‘I feel so good when I meet someone smile. I go away from that feeling better than myself. Sometimes I make cards or textile works with somebody, I spend a whole day with people in the care home. I made them feel better and they’ll remember the happiness.’’, she said.

She also holds some workshops and talks with people who are interested in, shares her artworks with audiences and inspires them as well.

Photo: CNP

She’d love to teach people how to use those old staffs to evokes recollections of love and comfort and keep the memories.

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