University Challenge – How to stop littering

Photo: CNP

The amount of rubbish being left on Cardiff’s streets after big event is getting worse over the years, says a member of the city’s cleaning team.

John Ryan says 95% of the rubbish can be recycled and that education on recycling should be a priority for students. “I work in Cathays and we see this amount of rubbish every week,” said Mr Ryan, who was talking to Cardiff News plus after the 2019 Welsh Varsity match at Principality Stadium. He says he’s been a cleaner at several of  Cardiff’s major events, like the Six Nations and New Year’s Eve.

Thousands of students came to the annual sports competition between Cardiff and Swansea University leaving streams of litter.

Cans, plastic and paper product could be found outside the Stadium, Cardiff Castle and the lawn in Bute Park. Cardiff Council has since cleaned up the rubbish.

Photo: CNP

Some students admitted that dropping litter on the streets was “bad”. “They need to provide more bins here,” one of the students said, adding, “Everyone just wanted to get rid of what they were drinking because they couldn’t get it passed security ”

“It doesn’t take too much effect to hold on to your rubbish, does it ?”, said Joseph Owen, a student volunteer, cleaning up the rubbish in Bute Park. “They come here just to have a good time and they don’t really think about any damage they might be doing,” he concluded.

Filmed and Edited by Yunhan Wu

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