Vegan activism on Queen Street

Activists from “Vegan Action” went out on the streets of Cardiff to educate people about veganism yesterday.

In the company of Mr Moo, Cheeky Chicken and Pervy Pig, not real animals, the activists walked down through the City Centre, playing music and creating a positive atmosphere. Their aim is to engage people, even those who are not so convinced about veganism, and to increase awareness about the benefits of this lifestyle.

Vegan activists on the streets. Photo credits: CNP

Kids were particularly exited about the “plastic farm animals” and they supported the cause.

Kids engaged in the event. Photo credits: CNP

According to The Telegraph, veganism has increased 360% over the last ten years in the UK and has become very popular nowadays. Also, the young people becoming vegan have increased with over 40% of vegans being aged between 15 and 35 aged. The most known principle of veganism is preventing the exploitation of animals, but also some of them decide to become to vegan for personal reasons such us emotional attachments with animals. A majority of vegan people claim that a well-planned plant/based diets are rich in protein, iron, calcium and other essential vitamins and minerals. Also, a main concern of vegan people is the environmental: meat’s production places a heavy burden on the environment (that’s means that crops and water are required to feed the animals, also transport and other processes that are necessary for the farmers).

There are also other aspects of veganism. A restaurant in Cardiff, called Atma follows this lifestyle. Its aim is to satisfy the bodies, minds and souls of the people from Cardiff. They combine the taste of food made with yoga or other kind of meditations. Regarding to the food, they believe that the right kind of food can give people a real happiness while more conscious of living is going to give people a better “understanding of themselves, others, and our environment”.

Vegan food at Atma restaurant. Photo credits: CNP


Events like this, which is not only informative but also entertaining, can help to break some of the misunderstandings along veganism.

Other vegan events, such us Cardiff Vegan viva festival and Welsh Vegan festival are coming this month.

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