Wales calling for voting right for prisoners


HM Prison Cardiff photo:CC

The Welsh Assembly is considering to give all prisoners in Wales the right to vote.

Members of Plaid Cymru and Labour Party were calling for the voting right of all prisoners in a debate held yesterday, which would be backed by the Welsh Labour-led Government. The move follows an inquiry by the Welsh Assembly’s Equality Commission, which involved whether prisoners should be given the right to vote in local elections.

However, politicians and academics have mixed reactions to the proposal. Welsh Conservative and Shadow Communities Minister Mark Isherwood AM commented that  “If the Assembly were to give all prisoners the vote, it will go down like a cup of cold sick with the public.”.

While some academics from the Cardiff University Wales Governance Centre said it may contribute to the development of human rights in Wales and also help to improve Wales’ international standing.

A committee is now investigating whether it should allow prisoners to take part in local elections.

What do the local people think about this move? Click our radio clip and listen to their opinions.

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