‘We welcome you, Migrants’

Migrants singing regional songs at Cardiff Bay. Photo by CNP

 Migrants and their supporters gathered to celebrate their contributions to the Welsh society this Saturday 17th of February. They demonstrated unity and solidarity as they performed in harmony outside the Senedd, National Assembly of Wales.

Migrants they say they are victims of scapegoating. They protested in peace to deliver a strong message against the discrimination they were facing in all spheres. Brexit has been one of their biggest fears and a reason for the increasing number of refugees and immigrants leading to which these people are treated as bargaining counters amidst the negotiations between European countries. They are widely seen as a problem and as a burden because they are not natives, they are blamed for the problems they did not cause.

Migrants waving flags of the European Union and Wales. Photo by CNP

The people from this campaign called ‘One Day Without Us’ , gathered in Cardiff Bay to gain support for their upheaval and celebrate the power of diversity. Many songs were sung in regional languages showcasing their culture and leaving strong imprints of how they are proud of their heritage. Adults and children from all across the world , of multi-ethnic culture, different races gathered as one.

The basic agenda of this campaign every year is that they want a more open and welcoming environment from the United Kingdom. They no longer want to be seen as aliens and be deprived of basic needs if they are of different race, colour or religion.

Organisation of the campaign, One day without us. Photo by CNP

As happy as they were to be in that place, many migrants were emotional and stated how its very difficult to start fresh miles away from home.

Camera/ editing: Victoria Araujo

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