Welsh bags at Cardiff Bay

An exhibition was held at Cardiff Bay this weekend with the aim of spreading the Welsh culture to more people.  One of the most interesting items were the Welsh bags made from the tapestry designs and antiques from nineteenth century.

Camera work and Editing: Luca Peluzzi


Artists from all across Wales came up with an innovative way to tell people about Welsh culture. From making traditional and non-traditional baskets to having pottery designs made from the survey maps of Wales, the artists were reaching out to people about their country’s culture.

Tracy Watkins, the mind behind these leather bags, used fashion as a means of communication. By making leather bags incorporated with tapestry designs from nineteenth century, people from all ages had their eyes and ears open at the exhibition.

Handcrafted bags at the exhibition Photo Credits: CNP

Makers Guild In Wales was set up in 1984 with the aim of reaching out to people about their pride- Wales. By using antiques of modern contemporary times, the artists try to reflect a sense of their Welsh pride.

Craft in the Bay is the home of The Makers Guild in Wales. Within this gallery space in Cardiff Bay, they host exhibitions of craft and applied art from both emerging and renowned artists from Wales and further afield, as well as workshops and special events.

Glass plates on local maps of Wales Photo Credits: CNP

The exhibition not only had these attractive bags but also included a variety of other items. Glass plates designed from the local survey maps of Wales along with traditional and non-traditional baskets weaved in a classic Welsh way stocked up the slabs at the venue. All these items had a similar theme- being Welsh even if you are not from Wales!

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