Western and Chinese culture in art

An exhibition that shows Wales as a vibrant and modern country with diverse landscapes and communities has opened in Cardiff. ‘’Eclectic Scenes of Wales’’ is an exhibition of artist Chi Lee, who came from Hong Kong, but now lives in the city. 

About 22 paintings are exhibited and they will be sold after that. Some of them have been reserved for people buying and some will be donated to UK  museums. The artist is a self-taught landscape painter, but he uses various techniques and painting styles, such as impressionism, modernism, abstract and realistic style for these paintings.

Morgan Arcade Photo: CNP

Having been living for 15 years in Wales the artist says the combination of  Western and Eastern culture is a special feature. Morgan Arcade, one of the artist’s paintings, represents the encounter between Chinese material and Cardiff scenes. Chi Lee said, ”I try to bring some Chinese culture to Wales to see can I use the eastern material to western country. As a result, I love this painting.’’

Heart of Snowdonia Photo: CNP

This painting is named Heart of Snowdonia. Chi Lee said it is his favourite painting after he came to Cardiff. ”It was the first time I climbed a high mountain in Wales and it was very attractive which impressed me”. He said that from then on he gradually became a ”new Welsh” man instead a foreigner. He began to be a part of Cardiff.

People can visit this exhibition in the Pierhead building until the end this month. The artist says he plans to hold more exhibitions to show the beauty of Cardiff.

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