Garbage adds colour to music

Music Bazzar. CNP

What can passion for music create?  This question can probably be answered by Zizi Gary, who has organized the “Music Bazzar” in Cathays Youth & Community Centre in Cardiff On May 11th.

Studying creative music in the University of South Wales for two years, Zizi likes working with people and creativity.  His love for music stimulated him to combine music with education.

Drums were made out of garbage such as pots and buckets. Long pipes were used as whistles and even corns were devoted to this special “concert”. Recycling workshop ran as the beginning when participants were encouraged to build their own instruments with creativity.

Drums made out of garbage. CNP.

In terms of the reasons why Zizi came up with this idea, ” I used to go busking in the streets in order to raise people’s awareness of recycling. So making instruments out of garbage let me enjoy playing drums and raising awareness at the same time.”

Zizi’s classmates, who also participated in the activity, both thought this kind of workshop impressive.  ” Within thirty minutes, everyone has their own unique drum from the garbage we brought. It is pretty cool.” said Martyn White. George Baker thought it was good to get people’s mind working by arranging the workshop at the beginning.

“Art of noise” is what Bogdan Niculescu commented towards this activity. Coming from Romania, Bogdan has lived in Cardiff for two years. For him, building drums out of garbage was the adventure of imagination, “just going to the streets. picking up the garbage and using your imagination.”

Lloyd George playing the drums. CNP.

The musician Lloyd George enjoyed playing the special instruments, “some distinctive tones can be created by the instruments. It adds extra colour to the performance.”

Climax came when they were playing rhythm-based games. But Zizi and his classmates seemed to share the similar idea concerning the most impressive part.  “When there was no activity, everybody just started to play the drums.” said Zizi.  “It was like Zizi’s essence wasn’t gone”, said Martin and George, “people played the drums at the same time without talking.”

With passion for music, Zizi was looking forward to organizing another activity in the near future.

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