What is happening to our ecosystem?

Photo by: Extinct Symbol

Animal extinction is rising due to climate change. A carnival will be held by Extinct Rebellion in Cardiff to call on the Welsh government to start looking into the issue.

Wales Rising Up: Carnival of Animals will take place on Saturday in central streets in Cardiff. Organisers say  it will be a colorful representation of insects, animals and plant life and that people across Wales will come together to call for a ‘Climate Emergency’.

Scientists from WWF believe that the planet is going through its sixth mass extinction. Moreover, The Living Planet Index tracked the decline of wildlife between 1970-2014, where the latest data available showed the populations of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians has fallen by an average of 60%.

Reem Kabour, a resident in London who will take part in the carnival said, “It definitely is an issue and we don’t see change happening. I am going to attend the carnival to raise awareness and encourage locals and expats to take part in this and push the government to do something about it”.

Cardiff News Plus tried to get in contact with a member from the assembly regarding the matter but did not receive a response.

The Cardiff Extinction Rebellion organisation did not respond to Cardiff News Plus either. But stated on their Facebook page that, ”The carnival is set to give an example to our future generation to start caring about our planet and the animals that live in it”.

Even though they do receive some support from the Welsh Government, they still think that it should be looked at very closely in the upcoming years for the endangered species.

Photo by: Cardiff Extinction Rebellion Facebook

So if you’d like to make a change to our earth, then head on down to Cardiff Central. Bring your kids, wear your favorite animal, and march for this cause.


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