Unfilled Potholes a matter of concern

 Filmed and Edited by Xiru Li

Residents have reported there are more potholes appearing on the roads and highways in Cardiff. They say that the freezing weather since the end of last month is making things worse. They add that new potholes are emerging but old potholes are still there.

Cyclists and motorcyclists say that the potholes are very dangerous, especially at night.

They say that some of the potholes have been filled in but there are still many haven’t, including a lot of potholes on the road that runs down Sophia Gardens in Cardiff.

Potholes in Sophia Gardens Photo: CNP

“They can be dangerous because you try to avoid and the car’s behind you,” says Stephen Lloyd, a local resident who lives nearby. “So you gotta be very careful.”

According to the AA, damaged tyres and wheels can be the top 10 breakdown causes. They say that for some motorists, their tyres and wheels were damaged because of potholes.

Potholes on Cowbridge Road Photo: CNP

Some motorists say that they are very disappointed since they have paid the road tax and the road tax has gone to the UK government, but the road condition is getting worse and worse.

“The UK government needs to provide far more funding for improving our roads,” says Ramesh Patel, councillor of Canton. He thinks only if the UK government release more money to all the local authorities, can the local authorities get far more roads repaired and resurfaced.

“All our residents in Cardiff please understand the road tax money does not come to the local authorities,” he adds.

He says the local council receives many reports about potholes in winter especially during the snowing and raining days, but he adds that although the government budget reduction is a problem, the council still has a specific kind of funding for emergency repairs, which can be allocated by local councillors.

Last Friday, the council carried out an emergency repair on a large pothole in Cowbridge Road, which is a very busy road in Canton. The highways apartment filled the pothole in two hours. It was just a temporary repair, but Cllr. Ramesh Patel says: “A more permanent repair will be carried out within the near future.”

He says, there are still a lot of potholes unfilled because the money spent on repairing the roads was limited. “if the road tax goes to the local authorities, we could do far more repairs.”

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