Women Connect First

Women Connect First is an organisation that helps BME Women integrate into life in the UK. Their sole mission is to empower and improve the lives of disadvantaged BME women and communities. They hope to help them realise their full potential, and make a positive contribution to Welsh Society.

The organisation hosts daily activities and provides these women with an environment where they feel safe and comfortable.

Every other month, the organisation offers women five week complimentary courses where they gain fundamental skills like massage therapy.


The organisation not only helps women acquire basic knowledge and communication skills but also provides them with special training.
Jessica McColloh, who works for Cardiff Metropolitan University teaches massage therapy to the ladies at the organisation.

How do the women perform on the course and how beneficial has it been to their lives within the UK?

Language skills are essentialĀ in anyone’s life. Everyday, English classes are conducted at the organisation to help improve the women’s oral and written communication. The alphabet and pronunciations are a few of the things taught in the classes.

The organisation has created networking opportunities for its members and these have enabled them soar higher in life.

Thanks to the organisation, women like Miss Tari Chenyika from Zimbabwe, have gained professional, transferable skills which she is now teaching. It has created networking opportunities for its members and these have enabled them soar higher in life.

Amina Mohammed joined WCF in 2001 as a volunteer. Thanks to the organisation, she has managed to secure her resident status in the UK and is able to contribute to the community by teaching Arabic.


Over time, Women Connect First has opened its doors to hundreds of women and has made a great impact on their lives. I spoke to some women who have been with the organisation for almost 10 years. It is quite clear how important and influential it has been in their lives. What they had to say was close to the heart.

For more information on the organisation, click here.

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