You may be charged for a coffee cup!

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A 25 pence charge for single-use coffee cups might be introduced in Wales. This would help raise awareness to improve the waste pollution problem and promote the use of recycled cups. 

After the idea was raised in England and Scotland over a year ago, Friends of the Earth Cymru have started a petition for Wales in January. So far,  more than 2,000 people have already signed up.

Photo: Friends of the Earth

The organisation helps to work on protecting the environment and promoting a sustainable future for Wales.

According to a report from the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, about 2.5 billion coffee cups are used and thrown away each year in the UK. Relatively only a few of them are recycled. This leaves around 500,000 cups thrown away everyday.

Kirsty Luff, Media Manager of Friends of the Earth Cymru said, “I know over a year, we use in Wales five hundred million takeaway cups. And that’s not just coffee cups, that’s all the takeaway cups.”

The report explained that in order to ensure the health and safety requirements of disposable cups – which are made from mixed material of paper fibre and polyethylene lining –  this can ensure the strength and safety of the cups, but it could make the cups difficult to recycle.

Photo: CNP

However, this is not recognised by everyone. One resident in Cardiff thought that the coffee cup is made of paper and can be recycled. She usually buys a cup of coffee with a single-use cup everyday.

“We make coffee like around a hundred and twenty a day in average. There is about fifty percent of people that come in and do takeaways, actually like seventy-five percent,” Tomos Morris, a waiter in a coffee shop said. He added that around five people bring their own cups here on a daily basis.

“At the moment, there isn’t a plan for dealing with these cups,” said Kirsty Luff. She illustrated that the petition will be handed to the government when the purpose has been achieved, and the additional 25 pence will be used to produce more recyclable cups.

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