Zero Carbon Homes


The SOLCER House was built as part of the SOLCER (Smart Operation for a Low Carbon Energy Region) and LCBE (Low Carbon Built Environment) research projects which were funded through the Wales European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Programme as part of the Low Carbon Research Institute (LCRI) WEFO Programme (LCRI 2015).

A plan to build zero carbon homes in Cardiff has been put on the agenda of the council meeting.

A council meeting with regard to reducing carbon emissions from home was postponed yesterday. Councillors Joe Carter and Ashley Wood had planned to bring a motion to call on the Cabinet to develop Supplementary Planning Guidance to increase the number of private homes built to zero carbon standards. The Council has noted that reducing carbon emissions from homes brings both financial and environmental benefits to society. Therefore, Councillor Joe Carter explains why and how the new technology should be used to build zero carbon homes to reduce carbon emissions.

Dr Jo Patterson from the Welsh School of Architecture has been worked in the field of low carbon system technologies for many years. She describes the possible impacts of zero carbon homes. The statistic shows that  23% of Welsh households are in fuel poverty, so she also mentions that this plan can also relieve the shortage.

A research carried out by Cardiff University shows that the British public tends to support low-carbon system if energy companies and government can share the primary responsibility for funding the energy transition.

Although the Council meeting was postponed, the plan has drawn the Council’s attention. The feasibility to implement the plan will continue to be discussed by Councillors and experts.

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