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Unfilled Potholes a matter of concern

Climate change making things worse for potholes

Saving the trees in Canton

Ancient trees will be chopped down and some Canton residents are protesting against it.

Seedy Saturday in Cardiff

Canton witnessed a gardening event that enabled people to exchange their seeds or purchase some in exchange of a pound that goes to the Charity.

Nazanin’s story: A freedom struggle

A stage play in Cardiff told the true story of Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe who is in prison in Iran.

Through their lens: Dementia Awareness Day

Fighting with social isolation and improving the quality of life for people with dementia and their families is what Dementia Awareness Day tried to achieve.

Baptist Minister Opens Pub

A Baptist Minister is opening a pub in Cardiff. He believes that in the past, churches were a hub for community as were pubs.

Overcoming the language barrier in Cardiff

Migrants in Cardiff may be left behind because of a lack in funds for English classes. Their inclusion in the city’s life rely on it and now it could be put in danger.

Bake Off raises money for brain tumour research

To help fund the fight against brain tumours, a variety of multiple-tiered cakes were baked and judged at the weekend for the Great Charity Bake Off.

New identity for Cowbridge Road East?

Political party Plaid Cymru is proposing a plan to transform Cowbridge Road East in Canton, West Cardiff.