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Dancing Benefits People in Cardiff

Cardiff is going Salsa. That is if you believe The Latin American Society. 

Women’s movement influences activists

A group of social activists held a meeting called Caste, Class and Women’s movement in India.

Western and Chinese culture in art

An exhibition that shows Wales as a vibrant and modern country with diverse landscapes and communities has opened in Cardiff.

Greatest work of Leonardo on display

Twelve of the greatest works by artist Leonardo da Vinci are on display in the National Museum Cardiff, in 2019 as part of a UK wide exhibition of drawings across a number of venues.

Safety worries in St. Andrew’s Crescent

Pedestrians are expressing concerns for their safety from road works. St. Andrew’s Crescent is under development to introduce cycling lanes.

You may be charged for a coffee cup!

A petition held by the Friends Of Earth Cymru want to help reduce the use of single-used coffee cups.

Students Check for Sexual Health

An Sexually Transmitted Infections Clinic was held by Cardiff University Students’ Union to raise students awareness of sexual health.

Cardiff a capital of Creativity

Artist and organizations in Cardiff is making effect on promoting Cardiff as a capital of Creativity

Re-energizing Wales using renewable energy

Plans are underway to promote the use of renewable energy in Wales.

Your fear shouldn’t hold you back

Toastmasters is helping people in Cardiff overcome their fear of public speaking and stage fright.