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People March for Changing the Planet

People from South Wales are marching to London to raise awareness of climate change. 

A Dementia friendly concert in Cardiff Bay

A dementia-friendly concert was held in Octavo’s Book Cafe in Cardiff Bay yesterday.

Craft Fair in Cardiff

There is a gallery in the Cardiff bay which often host programmes of national and international exhibits. Yesterday, the craft fair in that gallery was canaelled without advanced notices.

Fifty years in sixty pictures

The “Day by Day” Exhibition in Cardiff Bay shows shifting times in pictures with examples taken in the 50s and others taken just last year.

Lego Safari animals in Cardiff.

Cardiff Bay held an exhibition. There are loads of Huge life- size ”animals” constructed by LEGO.

Cardiff welcomes a new Museum

Cardiff will be the new home of the Museum of Military Medicine, which will be opened to the public in 2020.

Running along Cardiff Bay

The Cardiff and Vale College Cardiff Bay Run was held over the weekend. It was a perfect opportunity to emphasize the importance of physical fitness.