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Is March the Month of Bats? 

The organisation Made in Roath says people can do some simple things to help build a bat-friendly environment.

Plastic pollution threatens Roath Park Lake

Plastic bottles, coffee cup lids, straws and shopping bags are among accumulated waste, floating on the lake when visiting Roath Park in Cardiff.

New Library at Royal Infirmary

Cardiff Council has agreed on plan to provide a new library service at Cardiff Royal Infirmary for Adamsdown and Roath.

Cardiff £10 initiative goes beyond the city

A filmmaker who left ten pound notes around Cardiff has inspired people from outside the city.

Author ties Cardiff with rock music in book

Where is the future of books heading? Author Peter Finch ponders this question at his book signing.

National Libraries Day marks the big issue

There are doubts about the future of Roath Library, as the council plans to hand it to local community groups.