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You may be charged for a coffee cup!

A petition held by the Friends Of Earth Cymru want to help reduce the use of single-used coffee cups.

Kurdish seek Justice in Wales

Wales is now the first country in the world to show solidarity with the Kurdish hunger strikers through its national Parliament. 

What is happening to our ecosystem?

A carnival will be held to call on the Welsh government to pay attention to animal extinction.

Students push environmental awareness

Schools in Wales are joining in a variety of campaigns to save the climate.

Cardiff North voters focus on national issues

Prime Minister Theresa May announced a snap general election last month. In the face of Brexit, what does this election mean for Cardiff?

Cardiff Independent Film Festival

Cardiff Independent film festival has been back in town this month. Hundreds of people from over the world came to the festival.

National No Smoking Day

Smoking kills almost 6000 people in Wales each year. National No Smoking Day is an annual campaign encouraging smokers to give up smoking.

“Don’t feed exploitation!”

The Fairtrade fortnight is an annual promotional campaign that is organized and funded by the Fairtrade  Foundation to increase awareness of Fairtrade products.

Theatre group wins funds to support women

Mercury Theatre Wales receives community funding for a project called Creative Coffee Mornings. The initiative provides a space for women’s discussion.

Efforts to improve the lives of cancer patients

A craft Fair took place over the weekend. The proceeds of the event will go towards Tenovus, a charity for cancer patients.