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Women’s movement influences activists

A group of social activists held a meeting called Caste, Class and Women’s movement in India.

Child sexual grooming on the rise

Young women falling prey to sexual grooming has risen at an alarming rate.

Women cocoa farmers deserve fair treatment

A campaign that encourages to make a fair living income for cocoa growers, especially, women farmers.

Achievements of BME women

Women from different ethnic backgrounds were identified as role models in a big ceremony in Cardiff

Women Connect First

Women from certain societies often feel voiceless due to their circumstances or different societal norms. Women Connect First has changed women’s lives.

First Womenspire Awards ceremony

A celebration for achievements by Welsh women from all background will be held later this evening in Cardiff.

Cardiff women celebrate womanhood

The third Women of the World Festival celebrates the achievements of women at Millennium Centre, Cardiff.

Christians protest against abortion for Lent

Protests and demonstrations between pro-life and pro-choice groups will be held each week until the end of Lent.