Cardiff City’s Promotion boosts Local Businesses

Cardiff City celebrate the promotion to the Premier League – Photo: Jon Candy CC

Local Businesses could benefit from Cardiff City’s promotion to the Premier League. According to experts, big matches and famous football teams could bring more revenues to the city. 

When the Bluebirds qualified for next year Premier League, thousands of fans gathered at the stadium to celebrate. A week later, the very same fans flooded Cardiff’s streets after a dream came true. This event has not only seen a sports milestone but also as an opportunity for both Cardiff and Wales to promote their economies.

When Swansea City was promoted to the premier league, the impact on local businesses was significant. “I’ve heard several stories from Swansea Businesses about how the increase of foot traffic on game days, as well as the highlighting of Swansea City AFC’s brand, has brought huge benefits to their business,” says Amy Bainton, Communication Advisor for the Federation of Small Businesses in Wales. “Studies showed that Swansea City AFC’s promotion brought £10.9 million into the local economy and businesses reported that brand recognition for the city shot up,” she added referring to possible future revenues for Cardiff economy. Activities such as pubs, restaurants, bars and, shops could be the ones to receive more benefits from the Bluebirds’ promotion.

Interior of a pub – Photo: George Hodan CC

The next Premier League season is not the only possibility that local businesses have to raise their revenues. Cardiff hosted the Champion’s League Final last year, and now the Volvo Ocean Race is coming to the Bay in two weeks. It is clear that both the Welsh Government and Cardiff Council are pushing to bring more sports events to Wales. “As much as we welcome big events that will impact on small businesses, there are plenty of other things that Welsh Government can and are doing to promote small businesses,” added Amy Bainton. On the other hand, Cardiff City’s Promotion will be an opportunity to highlight Cardiff as a brand. This could attract more visitors to Wales and boost all related activities.

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