Construction of new central bus station

People in Cardiff are uncertain about the central bus station being built anytime soon. As the capital city in Wales, Cardiff doesn’t have a central coach station where all the passengers could board their buses from.

Image: Construction site for central bus station

Construction site for central bus station                                        Courtesy: CNP

The old city bus station was demolished in 2015. And ever since, the city doesn’t have one. This makes the commute difficult especially for the old and tourists. Catching the bus from different areas in the city has been a chaos for close to two years now. The recent development where the council has approved for the construction of the bus station comes as a relief to many.

Image: June Tucker: A local citizen from Roath

June Tucker: A local citizen from Roath Photo CNP


“It would be very beneficial if it is built in the city centre. I live in the suburbs of Roath and this would be helpful for me to travel everyday. But the problem is where is the bus station and when will it be built?” June Tucker, a local citizen from Roath, said.

Some people are optimistic that the construction of the bus station is likely to be finished by 2020. But the long negotiations make others feel sceptical about its completion.

“The million dollar question is that is there going to be a bus station? There is all these glass buildings that they have built but where is the bus station?” Carl Jefford, one of the local bus drivers said.

The recent designs for the station have been released and the construction of the station is likely to go underway in the next few days.






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