Storm Emma melts sale of businesses


Cardiff was brought to a standstill by storm Emma with the city receiving its first heavy snowfall in seven years. Most businesses were shut due to the adverse weather conditions. But the weekend revenue of the food and drink industry in the city seemed to be the most impacted.

Camera and Video Editor: Shipra Kapoor

As the grocery stores and local shops ran out of fresh supplies, most of the restaurants were shut during the weekend. However, restaurants such as The Grange Pub in Grangetown were able to take advantage of the weather conditions. Being aware of the red weather alert, the kitchen had already stocked itself with ample supplies to serve beers and hot roast to everyone in the community. Such was the turnout over the weekend that the pub which usually makes around £5000 made more than double of its usual earnings.

Image: and Groceries in Grangetown

Restaurants and Groceries in Grangetown – Photo: CNP

But not all businesses were fortunate enough to have the same turnout. The Lahore Kebabish, just down the lane had to close its shutters for two days in a row. Most of its regular customers come from far off areas such as Newport. As many customers avoided driving through the snow, the shop faced an 80 percent decline in its weekend sale.

But it wasn’t just the local restaurants and local pubs that dealt with a decrease in profits. The Prince of Wales, in the heart of the city center, did not escape the harsh weather either. The pub famous for its ales and beers was short-staffed and with transportation services suspended, commuting to the city center was difficult for most people. The pub, however, hopes to recover 60 percent of its deficit in the next week. With Wales vs Italy due next week, the pubs hope to wash away, the meltdown that the temporary bad weather had caused.


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