Woman who loves machines

Gabriella Gorey may be the first woman mechanical engineering undergraduate to publish the results of her final university project in a scientific journal. Engineering, continues to be a male dominated field of study even today and Gabriella from Cardiff University aspires to change the course of the day.

Gorey was born in a society that did not believe in the idea of women having a potential career in engineering. But a 13 year old determined Gabriella with her love for physics did not share the same belief and decided to pursue her dream of becoming an engineer. But it wasn’t just back at home where was made conscious of her unique career choice everyday. Here in Cardiff, girls were only in single digits contributing to a mere approximate 10% of the total strength of her department. Such a male dominated classroom did create a sense of intimidation in her stride in the initial days but she did not let that deter her ambition.

Setup for a machine to drill Photo Credits: Khaled Giasin

Stories of engineering excellence transpire from thinking out of the box, and this experiment of production of Glare fibre began with Gabriella’s creative visualization ability. Preliminary knowledge of the materials required and their transformation into 3D  designs was both a cost effective measure as well as an exercise that gave her a rough outline with which she could proceed ahead. Considering the precision required in such experiments, drilling of the holes in the fibre required extra attention to detail and patience to monitor both the hardware and the software applications involved.  The calculations and measurements required accuracy in their graphical representations for the holes to be perfectly drilled next to each other.

Glare fibre Photo Credits: Khaled Giasin

The entire project required a lot of hard work. She has been dedicated and focused all throughout the process. She firmly believes that gender disparities exists only in one’s mind. Her driving force is to look ahead for opportunities and not focus sideways on who all are competing.

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