Digital Kids in Digital Age

Whereas kids and young people are often blamed for living digitized, always occupied by their phones and digital technology, WISEKIDS is looking for various ways on how to make the best use of this online technology to reach  a better well- being for those kids.

WISEKIDS, a non-profit company based in Wales, has organized an online media summit on how to promote digital citizenship and digital competence among young people. The summit brings together a wide range of expertise including teachers, advisors, educators, youth workers and internet experts.

Dr. Sangeet Bullhar , WISEKIDS director with some students who participated in the conference.

Dr. Sangeet , WISEKIDS director with some students . Photo Credit:CNP

Students and young people from different schools across Wales have also participated in the summit with their enthralling performance on how digital media is entrenched and has become part and parcel in their lives.

However, the question of whether young people are so addicted to their mobiles that they are missing out much of their social lives and their outdoor activities is posed quite powerfully here ?If teachers and parents are advised to cope with up-to date technology , so who is going to get those children out of their own digital bubble.


Photo Credit: CNP

It seems that safer internet is what everybody is looking for including children themselves. Although digital competence is what identify kids nowadays, it is far better to create a balance between real lives and digital ones for one’s own well-being.

Camera & video editor: Laura Liao

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