Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in Grangetown

Volunteers at Repair Cafe Wales. Photo: CNP

‘Repair Cafe Wales’ organized an event this weekend in Grangetown to encourage the principle of ‘Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle’. Volunteers repaired broken things like radios, lamps, and bicycles, for free.

This was  organised by the ‘Repair Cafe Wales’, an organisation which aims to minimize the waste disposal in Wales. This was the second time it was organised at Grangetown specifically. The spectrum of categories of things to be repaired was wide. People brought their general items like lamps, computing and IT wares like radio and television and old clothes to be transformed into new ones. The organizers were helping people to fill out the details of their broken items and were guiding them with the entire process.

Started last year in April, this project aims to encourage people to follow the objective of 3-R’s. The event happens every month at different locations in Wales. The people associated with this project feel that sometimes it might be the case where the new products are cheaper than getting old ones repaired. This leads to a situation where people keep on spending more and new products, adding to the piles of their waste. This waste affects the environment in different forms of pollution. By doing it for free, the volunteers are not only helping save money of their customers but also cutting down the waste.

Repair Cafe Wales. Photo: CNP

Repair Cafe Wales is not only taking little steps to save the environment but is also bringing the local community together. People from different backgrounds, culture, and age groups interact with each other sharing the same purpose and working for it. And having such events in a cafe environment makes people more relaxed and open with the volunteers to proceed with.


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