How to Protect your Privacy Online ?

What happens if you wake up one day to find that you can no longer access your Facebook or Twitter account any? What if   your friends got from you fake emails from your own account! What if you face with the worst scenario and hackers steal and get a grip of your own bank accounts!

In fact, such bad scenarios of online theft take place almost every day across the world creating a frightening degree of qualms and uncertainties about how much one is protected online.

This is why it is important to know what the least precautions you could do to protect yourself and your information from being hacked? This is the main theme of tomorrow’s conference UK Safer Internet Day 2017 at Cardiff.

To understand how upsetting the situation is for people in Cardiff and in the UK, in general, please spare only  one moment for this online survey :

Stay updated for more information on how to keep your privacy safe.

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