The Beauties of the Golden Age

If you feel you miss the golden age of the fifties and the sixties of the last century, you should not be nostalgic about these memories because you can fly back in time  to this age, in vintage fairs and exhibitions.

Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair was held at Cardiff City Hall last March the 19th. With more than 40 stalls exhibiting and attending the fair, visitors were able to delve into the nostalgic past . All visitors were able to dress up with all the fancy dresses, try a top for a slice of cake at the tea party and to get a makeover at the pop up salon.

“More than five hundred people attended the fair and that is a huge turnout for one day”, said Lexy Johnson, the vintage fair manager .

“Personally, I love the old home-ware that belonged to my grandmother. I am quite fond of collecting old stuff. Though I do not like to dress in the sixties or the seventies, I love how women used to get dressed,” she added.

Silver and golden watches are in display too . Photo Credit: CNP

Elias Keskin was one of the vintage retailers at Cardiff Vintage Fair , who was busy all the time with people asking him about all kinds of furs he sold and the knitted sweaters quality. Keskin who is interested in recycling and the sustainability of the clothes says that he does not mind wearing any of his old clothes.

“As long as they are in good state, I always wear whatever clothes I have no matter how old-fashioned they could be,”

“You know what” , he added,” fashion is an anti-clock wise. The older it gets ,the better.”

Keskin is one of the purveyors for the past. In fact, the fair was just a symbol of how people feel towards their past and their fascination with it . However, it is not only about the old people who lived in these eras but also the same applies to the young generation who never really lived in these eras .

There is a common saying which claims that who forgets the past, has no present or future. Whether the saying is true or not, it is of no doubt that the past shapes our history, our heritage and even to a great degree our personalities.

Lou Lou is the winner of the “Best vintage fair ” at the The National Vintage Awards for the past three years!

A dress which belongs to the fourties of the last century. Photo Credit: CNP

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