Get Rid of Physical and Mental Obstacles


Organsier Gareth and Mikey Partridge  Photo:CNP

Organizers Gareth and Mike Partridge Photo: CNP

An outdoor obstacle training session was held at Roath Park Recreational Ground last weekend. Participants got opportunities to learn how to do things like crawling under a cargo net or climbing over 6 foot wall.

OBSTAFIT VIP is a crafted and accessible training programme for Obstacle Course Race (OCR) addicts as well as newcomers. Qualified personal trainers and brothers, Gareth and Mike Partridge started up OBSTAFIT during their search for an Obstacle Race(OCR) training site for the dirty dozen race in Usk in 2014. They soon realized that there was a distinct lack of training for those wanting to participate in obstacle races, particularly in Wales. Therefore, brothers Gareth and Mike decided to set up OBSTAFIT.

Obstacle race training Photo: CNP

Obstacle race training Photo: CNP

On Saturday, there were more than fifty people came to join the obstacle race training session. With a focus on individual, each participants get to set up an initial goal after having a short meeting with the instructor followed by regular progress check. Gareth said “we welcome people with different levels of athleticism and fitness. Not only outdoor sports enthusiasts, but also race goers and beginners are welcomed”. During the training session, people learned how to scale monkey bars, through equipment like kegs and tyres around, crawl through the mud under cargo nets. All these activities were under the instruction of the trainer safely and methodically.

Obstacle Race Training Photo: CNP

Obstacle Race Training Photo: CNP

People who came to join the training session could overcome not only the physical obstacles, but also their personal obstacles in real life. Mandy Healey was one of the participants and this was her first time to do obstacle racing. According to Mandy, “joining the obstacle training session made me feel more confident since every participants and instructors here were so friendly and encouraging. I felt the training session was like a community”.

4 Key Elements in Obstacle Racing

The organizer Gareth said “people have got lots of obstacles they want to overcome, whether they be physical or personal. Physical obstacles might be they want to learn how to get over a wall, personal obstacles might be things such as low self-esteem and low confidence”. By holding the Obstafit VIP training session, the organizers hope to provide a professional instruction for people who want to have a try in obstacle racing. And hopefully, this event will also help people to overcome various obstacles in life.

Organizer Gareth also emphasized the four key elements they are trying to enhance on people. According to Gareth, “we have got our own core elements which are strength, endurance, agility and technique”.  He hopes people will feel more confident in their body figure and become more brave to tackle all kinds of obstacles in real life.

The organizer also set up an online Facebook account to share training videos with a wider range of people. Gareth said” we believe that training for Obstacle Races should be as fun as the race itself. Come and join us at our weekly boot camps for a great workout with an added element of fun!”

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