Shaam Nights not to be demolished

One of Cardiff’s top restaurants has successfully opposed an application to the city council to demolish its building. But Shaam Nights in City Road could still be replaced by student housing in the future.

Shaam nights, a middle eastern restaurant is rated as the seventh best in Cardiff on Trip Advisor. The application was for a four storey building for student accommodation on the site. It was turned down because the restaurant’s owner has another 14 years before the end of his lease.

The owner of Shaam Nights, Yehya Dadam said “The landlord put an application to demolish my restaurant and build a student accommodation. He has the right to do so and I have the right to stay till the end of my lease which is in 2030.”

Image: Shaam Nights. Credits: CNP

Shaam Nights. Credits: CNP

In the last three years, Cardiff has seen a massive boom in student housing. There have been 21 major developments either open, under construction or being considered for permission.

It’s believed that the reason developers are investing a lot in student buildings is because it is a cheap way to manage a building for substantial cash back. Developers with large amounts of cash are said to be taking advantage of the economy and investing in student accommodation, especially with the current high demand from international students.

However, many city road residents are outraged with the increase of student housing. Locals fear that the area would soon become overrun with students, litter and more traffic caused by lack of parking spaces.

We asked Cardiff council why they are approving a great number of student housings. They gave us a statement saying that all cities experience changes in market conditions and wider economic factors as time progresses. And these are often reflected in the way the use of buildings change over time.

“All commercial developments by the private sector are market led and based on their own commercial assumptions. All planning applications received by the Planning Authority are assessed on their merits in line with planning policy and law. The planning system allows buildings to change in use through subsequent planning applications at a later date and student accommodation can be adapted to other uses”

Developers continue to target Cardiff city centre with student accommodation. But there are fears that Brexit might impact the number of international student coming into the UK which might affect the business of student housing in the future.

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