Pop-up foods back in Cardiff again

Cardiff Depot  Picture: CNP

Cardiff Depot     Picture: CNP

This weekend marked the beginning of the Street Food Social for 2016 at the Depot. This is the second year for this event in Butetown. The entry for this pop-up food social is free every Saturday from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

But what is interesting is that one of the companies – Goodfillas, obtain all their supplies from within Wales to help the local communities. Company Director Jason Johnston says that their ingredients like cheese, ham and chicken are from in and around Cardiff.

Cooking  Picture: CNP

Local Ingredients    Picture: CNP

The Depot had other stalls which attracted quite a crowd to the pop-up on its first day. Event Supervisor Ffion Howells says they are open every Saturday for the rest of the year and are planning to hold screenings of all the upcoming Rugby matches. The Depot is a warehouse which was converted to a venue for various events.

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    Picture: @depotcardiff

    Picture: @depotcardiff

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    Cardiff Depot  Picture: CNP

    Cardiff Depot Picture: CNP

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