Age Cymru say Cardiff Council’s budget cuts are inefficient

14 November 2017

Age Cymru, the national charity for older people, says proposed council cuts will spend more than they save

Michael Phillips, the communications manager of Age Cymru, said the council need to consider changing their plans “from short term budgeting to long term care.”

The proposed cuts amount to more than seven percent of the Council’s social services budget.

The council plans to improve its Community Resource Team to support people instead of relying on visiting carers.

The council said that they aren’t prepared to go into the details of the proposal at this stage but they welcome residents to share their views as they decide where cuts can be made.

Mr Phillips said “It’s not about balancing budgets, but maintaining dignity. These people have paid into the care system and the health system for their whole life and now in their hour of need they need us to provide the care they deserve.”

He added that social services are already not meeting the needs of older people, especially during the night time when carers are harder to find. Many elderly people end up caring for loved ones themselves, even though they’re often old and frail themselves.

Mr Phillips says by investing small amounts now it will be possible to prevent people from ending up in a hospital bed – which can cost up to £1,000 for one night.

The consultations for the proposed cuts close on December 14th, to make your views known you can comment on the budget proposals at Cardiff Council’s website.

The finalised budget will be announced in February.


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