Victoria Park

Anger over council ‘damaging’ Victoria Park

9 February 2018

One of the capital’s “most beautiful” parks is being damaged by council vans, it has been claimed. 

Residents near Victoria Park in Canton say the Cardiff council vehicles ruin grass verges while working in the grounds.

Those who use the park regularly say this has been an ongoing problem for years.

The council says it might use smaller vans to reduce the impact.

According to local residents, council vans are too wide for the paths. They mount the grass and leave mud tracks.

Richard Cook lives near the park, and he has seen the problem get worse.

“It’s unsightly and it means standing water forms and mud splashes all over the paths,” he told CJS News. “People like the park, they care for the park, and they’d like the council to care for the park as well.”

Another parkgoer, Michael Brown who has been going to the park for more than 70 years, added: “There are ruts where vehicles are wider than the pathways. Instead of confining themselves to the main access roads, they end up going up on the grass. Sometimes when they’re collecting refuge, they go round with the van and they churn up the grass verges consequently leaving muddy foot tracks.”

Canton councillor Stephen Cunnah said Victoria Park was the most beautiful park in Cardiff, and he had asked the council to move bins closer to paths so vans did not tear up the grass when they were collecting rubbish.

He added that smaller vehicles would be used in Victoria Park in future.

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