Birchgrove parents demand railings are replaced

3 February 2017

Local people are calling for the council to put railings back on a busy road near Birchgrove Primary School.

The railings prevented children from straying from the narrow pavement onto the road.

They were removed last year as part of the Birchgrove regeneration scheme. Cardiff City Council say they did this to stop the pavement from getting too crowded at busy times.

Local people say the lack of railings makes the pavements dangerous, especially for children walking to the nearby primary school.

They say the pavement is very narrow and slopes onto the road.

Amee Smith, 37, a parent at Birchgrove Primary School says, ‘there are so many children that they can’t get passed so they are pushing each other into the road. It’s very dangerous’.

Another parent, Richard Foley, 41, says, ‘this is a main route to the school, as most people live on the estate on the other side of the road, and there’s no protection for the children from bad drivers’.

Mr Foley says if your children do not listen and run ahead of you around the corner, there is no railings stopping them running out onto the road.

‘Drivers are very careless, they want to get to work in the morning and pay no regard to children on the pavement and people crossing the road’.


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