Cardiff Rotary Club appeals for help to rebuild wishing well

12 December 2017

Llanishen Rotary Club is appealing to local building firms and volunteers for help to repair the charity wishing well at Roath Park Lake.

The wishing well was smashed open with sledgehammers and an axe last month and £50 was stolen by vandals.

The well’s brick work and top metal grate were damaged. The grate will need to be replaced.

The club is hoping that a local building firm will repair the wishing well for free but if not they will have to rely on donations of materials and volunteers.

The park’s wishing well collects money for the Rotary Club’s charities around Cardiff, including local dementia cafes and projects for vulnerable youths.

The Rotary Club is not planning to install extra security to deter future thieves. Leader of the rebuilding project, Ian Germaine said: “When the well comes back to full use we will have to leave it as it was because people need to be able to get to it and make donations. It is a good fundraiser for Rotary charities and a lot of them are local.”

Roath Park was recently voted the best park in Wales and local residents are shocked at the level of damage to the charity well.

Manager of the Terra Nova cafe on the park lake, Salvatore Spartari said: “I think whoever did it must be really desperate because it’s there for everyone to see, it’s for charity and it’s been there for years. It’s a lovely area but seems to be people willing to climb over the gates and for them to destroy something that doesn’t belong to them is just ridiculous.”

The theft has been reported to South Wales Police who are now investigating the incident.


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