Community centre plans divide Pentwyn residents

30 January 2018

People living in Pentwyn are split  over what an empty shop should be turned into.

A petition, with over 100 signatures, calls for the former ‘My local’ shop to become a community hub.

However, some people are concerned there are already enough community facilities nearby.

But Lib Dem Councillor, Dan Naughton said the community hub would be something all people living in Pentwyn would benefit from.

The building on Pentwyn Drive has changed its use several times in the last 30 years. Since the ‘My local’ shop closed in 2016, residents said there has been a rise in anti-social behaviour near the site.

Jean Vaughan, 80, from Pentwyn said: “There is a growing problem of young people causing trouble within the community and smashing the bus shelters outside the building”.

She fears the same people would use the community centre and the problem would grow.

But Kayleigh Sanderson, 28, who also lives in Pentwyn said: “A lot of the kids in Pentwyn have nothing else to do but but to hang around on the streets.

If people are hanging round the building anyway, they might as well hang round in a community and get some benefits from it.”

But Kyle Truswell, 18, said: “I don’t see the point of having another community centre, as there is already a leisure centre two minutes away.”

The site is owned by property consultancy firm, Rapleys. Pentwyn and Llandeyrn Councillor, Dan Naughton says the issue isn’t necessarily with the change of use, but with the ownership of the building itself.

Mr Naughton says his colleague Councillor Emma Sandrey had tried but failed to get a response from Rapley, to find out how long they planned to leave the building empty. Rapley have the lease until 2024.

CJS news have also asked Rapley for a comment.

Pentwyn and Llandeyrn community councillors said they hope to discuss the matter with the city council within the next few weeks.

You can find out more about the petition here. 


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