Councillor demands traffic plan for new primary school

31 January 2017

A petition signed by 220 people is calling for Cardiff City Council to include a traffic plan in the development of a new primary school in Penylan.

The Lib Dem Councillor for Penylan, Joe Boyle, has led the petition. He says “We’ve got lots of residents who have been extremely unhappy, they can’t get out of their drive sometimes.”

There is a temporary school close to the site in a local community centre, housing two classes and Councillor Boyle says the area has already experienced problems.

“There’s parking on pavements creating blind corners and the petition is certainly a response to the unhappiness of residents in those streets affected. As the school gets bigger, the fear is the traffic problems are going to worsen.”

Councillor Joe Boyle says “The site is unfortunately served by two cul-de-sacs, Hammond Way and Hampton Court Road, and the problem with that is you don’t get a through flow of traffic. Cars have to stop and when they want to come out, they have to do a three point turn. ”

The petition calls for a “traffic management plan” and Councillor Boyle has proposed some solutions.

He says “There is space in the overall Howardian site to produce some form of road management that will allow cars to continue in a forward motion. They could allow the cars to come in one of the gates and pass through the other, or within that site they could produce some kind of turning circle.”

Councillor Boyle says a traffic scheme should have been included in the council’s initial plans for the school and the petition is the last attempt to make sure the issue is addressed before building begins in the spring.

Cardiff Council have so far been unavailable to comment.

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