Drug taking in Grangetown park is putting off visitors

8 November 2016

People in Grangetown say teenagers smoking cannabis next to a local park have stopped people from taking their children there. They say the teenagers have also burnt the bins out in the park and spread litter over the children’s play area.

Catrin Rees takes her three-year old son to Grange Gardens Park every day and says the teenagers were also harassing a lady walking her dog in the park.  “It’s just not what you want your kids to be brought up witnessing”.

Mrs Rees says the teenagers meet up in the basketball court next to the park’s play area most days.

A group of local mums also said their children are exposed to cannabis smoke and that they leave the park when the teenagers arrive because they don’t want their children to see what’s happening.

Grange Gardens Park is the only one in the area and is one of Cardiff’s Green Flag parks, an award which recognises clean and safe parks.

Local people are calling for the council to do something to help deter the teenagers and also want the park to be closed at night.

Cardiff City Council say they have given the park key to South Wales Police who will be closing it during the night from now on.


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