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Fears over city’s ‘finished’ Jewish community

23 February 2018

The Jewish Council has voiced fears over a diminishing community in a south Wales city.

It has said the majority of its members in Newport are elderly, and young people are moving to cities, such as London.

Resident Ron Black, 73, claims the community is on the verge of disappearing.

But the south Wales representative for the Jewish Council said it was working to build and “support the community”.

Mr Black said: “Everyone has left to go to the bigger cities. If they want to marry someone Jewish, it is more likely that they will find someone in London.

“It makes me sad, but the community has finished.

“I am the last man standing.

“The time will come when I am not around and I don’t know what will happen.”

But the Jewish Council’s Stanley Soffa acknowledged the “difficult challenge” and added: “We will continue to work hard and support the community to encourage young Jewish people to stay and move in.

“I cannot understand why young Jewish people don’t want to move to Newport and the surrounding area.

“We have fantastic resources locally, we are expanding, we have a great university, fantastic countryside and cheaper housing – you can’t get that in London.”

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