Flights between Cardiff and Anglesey “should be scrapped”

8 November 2017

Cardiff Friends of the Earth say funding for flights between Cardiff and Anglesey should be scrapped if Wales is to reduce carbon emissions.

Julian Rosser from the environment group Cardiff Friends of the Earth says the Welsh Government should stop subsidising flights between North and South Wales. The flights receive subsidies from the Welsh Government despite upcoming targets to reduce carbon emissions in Wales by 40% in 2020.

The service was established by the Welsh Government in 2007 to improve transport links and to support the economic development of north-west Wales. Last year over ten thousand people travelled on the route operated by Eastern Airways. There are 2 return flights every weekday in the morning and late afternoon which tend to be booked up fast and far in advance.

Mr Rosser the Joint-Coordinator of Cardiff Friends of the Earth says there isn’t “any reason for there to be regular scheduled flights from North to South Wales. The Welsh Government should be scrapping that subsidy and spending the money on something else.”

He says the Government aren’t doing enough to meet their targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and the funding for these flights are a part of the problem.

Transport emissions have risen for two years in a row in Wales. Mr Rosser says “we need stronger action from the Government to help people travel in a more environmentally friendly way.”

The flights have made travelling to Anglesey easier than taking the train. A return flight can cost £65 and take 1 hour but in comparison a return train ticket will cost anything up to £175 and take nearly 5 hours. Some travellers have even said that a single ticket can be as cheap as £20 if booked far enough in advance.

Mr Rosser says “the Government really needs to reprioritise climate change and see it as a top priority.”

No one from the Welsh Government were available for interview.



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