Grangetown youths continue to vandalise parks

28 November 2016

Parents from Grangetown in Cardiff are worried about taking their children to the park because of anti-social behaviour.

Local residents say youths are emptying litter from the bins into the children’s play area, then lighting fires.

Catrin Rees, a mother of one who lives in the area and takes her son to the park most mornings, says it is setting a bad example for her 3-year-old.

“We teach our children to put their litter in the bin, then we come to the park and see litter scattered everywhere, so why do we bother when older kids treat the park with no respect?”

She says the problem is ongoing and numerous residents have spoken to local councillors who have been very helpful and keen to solve the issue, but the community are becoming frustrated waiting for something to happen.

A spokesperson from Cardiff City Council says “We take the issue of vandalism and criminal damage very seriously… When evidence proves an individual is responsible, we will prosecute using all the legislative powers available to us.”

She says the council will collect the rubbish from the park as soon as possible.

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