Homeless animals could be put to sleep

14 March 2018

Dozens of exotic animals are at risk from being put down if new homes are not found for them by the end of March.

Pet shop JFM Exotics on Cowbridge Road in Cardiff is closing, leaving lizards, snakes, parrots, and spiders homeless.

Owner Nicki Clarke has re-homed two families of meerkats but fears for the rest of her animals.

The pet shop site is being redeveloped.

Ms Clarke said the shop is due to close on 31 March, and added: “The worst case scenario is euthanasia if I can’t re-home them, which I don’t even want to consider.”

One pack of meerkats has found a new home at a monkey sanctuary in Swansea Valley.

Pencaerau Primary School recently visited the pet shop on a school trip and head teacher Helen Turner was sad to hear it was closing.

“It is a great disappointment. The animals are really good for the children’s confidence and development and they’re seeing animals they wouldn’t normally have contact with.”



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