Food donations at Compassion Church Bridgend

Homeless thank church for beds during cold snap

27 February 2018

Homeless people have paid tribute to a church for providing beds, food and clothing during the current cold weather.

Compassion Church on Nolton Street in Bridgend has opened its doors to homeless people as temperatures drop below freezing.

Sandi Jacka, 38, is one of those sleeping at the church after becoming homeless eight weeks ago.

“All day long we’re just wandering the streets trying to keep warm,” she said. “It is hard work, it is really really draining.

“If it wasn’t for people like [those at the church] I would be on the streets. I would have committed suicide by now.

“If I didn’t have these people I’d be dead. In a heartbeat.”

Town Councillor Steven Bletsoe came up with the idea and posted an appeal on Facebook for volunteers to help staff the church throughout the night.

He was pleasantly surprised at the response to the post. He told CJS News: “We’ve got 50 people coming tonight to make sure these people are looked after, we’ve got another 50 people who want to come tomorrow.

“We’ve had donations, we’ve had clothes, free food, free coffee. It has been amazing how people have come together.

The church’s Pastor Lem Turner said: “Tonight all we’re going to do is offer a safe, warm place, floor space for these guys and girls to come and sleep, to stay the night.

“Then for the rest of the week depending on how it goes tonight and how many volunteers come forward between now and tomorrow we’ll probably be doing this as temperature starts to decrease this week.”

The Samaritans offer support to people who feel in despair on the free helpline 116 123, or visit the website.


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