Risca Library will have their newspapers removed by council cuts

Libraries lose newpapers to cuts

14 March 2018

Libraries in Caerphilly county will stop providing newspapers in a bid to save £20,000.

The council will replace them with just one computer in each of its 18 facilities.

But some residents have complained, claiming it is a social lifeline for them.

However a council spokesman said it needed to make “unpopular decisions” to save money.

Risca Library will be affected.

Pensioner Robert Morgan uses it regularly, and said: “It’s a social thing, I go in there to socialise. I spent two hours there yesterday drinking tea and chatting about the papers with people.”

Mr Morgan said he likes going to the library to meet people similar to him while reading the newspapers.

Caerphilly Council needs to save £7m in the next year and said cutting newspapers from libraries in the borough is one of many cuts they have to make.

The council said the computer terminals will have online versions of major newspapers.

But Independent Councillor Robert Owen for Risca West said he doesn’t think people in Risca will use the new computers.

“You can’t tell me that people of age 50, 60, 70 years old are going to start reading newspapers online. It’s not going to happen.”

Mr Owen said he thinks the council could save money elsewhere.

“The fact we’re providing papers for the older generation. The council call it a low impact and I don’t think it is.”






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