More help needed to encourage women farmers

14 March 2018

Women farmers have called for more to be done to encourage girls in school to take up the profession.

Agricultural lecturer Katie Davies said the Welsh Government needs to educate girls about the career opportunities.

The Welsh Government said it is actively promoting farming for women in Wales.

Ms Davies said the industry relied on the next generation of farmers and women are a part of that.

Katie Davies said: “Although there are many inspiring elderly women in agriculture within Wales, the future of the industry all relies on the next generation of young people and in particularly the girls. We cannot forget about them.”

She added: “There are thousands of roles within the industry from machinery, science to livestock – the list is endless.”

“We need to encourage girls at school that there are different roles you can go into within the agricultural industry – you don’t have to be a farmer to make it in the industry.”

Agriculture student Sophia Vasalo said: ” I wish I had the opportunities at high school to go into farming early on. It’s a lot harder going into farming as a sixteen year old, whereas a lot of people on the course have been doing farming since they were two.”

“We used to have career talks at school, and agriculture was never a part of that.”

Former Welsh Woman farmer of the year, Abi Reader think it is important for getting more female into agriculture is important.

She said: “There are plenty of women out there who are capable of working in agriculture.”

She added: “If we are thinking of feeding nine billion people by twenty fifty – then tet’s get the good people now, let’s get women into agriculture – we can do it.”

The NFU has been contacted for comment.



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