The current mosque on Sanatorium Road

Mosque plans could be rejected for third time

14 March 2018

A planning application to build a mosque in Cardiff is expected to be rejected for a third time.

It is feared the project would increase traffic congestion on Sanatorium Road, Canton, should it go ahead.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community want to convert its current building into a two-storey mosque with a dome.

But Kaleem Ahmed from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association rejected allegations that the mosque would cause traffic problems.

“We are a peaceful community who are mindful of our neighbours’ rights,” he said.

“The propoganda about the mosque causing traffic is completely false.

“I’m sure that the neighbours can vouch that there has never been a traffic situation due to the gatherings we have regularly held.”

The building was originally an industrial unit until the community purchased it two years ago and they already use it as a mosque.

The proposed site is near Ysgol Treganna Primary School and several businesses.

Some of those businesses do not think the mosque will add to traffic problems in the area. Joe Timmins, director of Aspire Gym said: “The council are building 800 new homes at the end of this road. I’m not entirely sure what difference a mosque will make.”

Head teacher of Ysgol Treganna Rhys Harries said: “I’m concerned about the traffic outside my school, not specifically the mosque but anything that adds to traffic.”

Councillors say that 500 people have signed a petition against the application.

Labour councillor for Canton, Stephen Cunnah said: “I’ll be attending the planning committee tomorrow to object to this application because I think it’s the wrong location and the wrong time to expand a development of this sort.

“You’ve got vulnerable people nearby, doctors and school children. There’s already a lot of congestion and residents have lots of problems parking.”

The application goes before Cardiff council’s planning committee on Thursday.




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