New sign on oldest pub fails planning rules

30 January 2018

Cardiff Council say a revamp of the city’s oldest pub has breached planning regulations.

The Rummer Tavern was built around 1713 with paintwork and windows changed and new signs put up in a refurbishment finished last week.

But, Cardiff Council has said: “It appears that the new signage falls outside the ‘deemed consent’ limits in the Control of Advertisements Regulations. Given this, the owner of the building, will need to contact Cardiff Council at the earliest opportunity and submit an application.

“Both the removal of the window boxes and the repainting of the exterior fall within permitted development rights and do not require an application.”

Craft Union Pub Company have owned the pub since November 2017, and in a statement to CJS News said: “We believe that the British pub plays a vital role in the lives of its customers and our philosophy at Craft Union is to put brilliant pubs back at the heart of local communities and the heritage alongside improving the quality of the community offer.”

Craft Union Pub Company have not commented on the planning regulations.

Manager of the Rummer Tavern, Lee Hazell told CJS News: “I believe that everything was taken care of beforehand, I’m not responsible for what has happened to the exterior or the interior of the building.”

Some local businesses who feature The Rummer Tavern on their historic pub tours are disappointed by the changes and have said it’s lost its historic nature.

Peter Bradbury, Cabinet member for Culture and Leisure has tweeted his views as a customer:

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