People from Penarth object to Cosmeston housing plans

28 November 2016

People in Penarth are objecting to plans to build more than 500 houses because they say it will increase traffic through the town.

Vale of Glamorgan Council have proposed to build the houses at Upper Cosmeston Farm on the outskirts of Penarth. People living in the area say the development will force more cars on to already busy roads.

The plans are part of the council’s Local Development Plan and would be completed by 2018. The original plans were for 235 houses but this has since been increased to 576.

Independent councillor for Sully Kevin Mahoney says the roads in Penarth are regularly used by people travelling in and out of Cardiff.

“How the council think they can squeeze another car onto the roads is beyond me. You can’t just keep building and building in the same places”.

People who are objecting to the proposals are also worried that dentists and schools in Penarth will become too busy. Mr Mahoney says the schools are already full to capacity and that the houses are unnecessary. He says the number of houses proposed is not in line with the estimated population growth in the area.

Vale of Glamorgan Council were unavailable for comment.

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