Mark Roberts campaigns for improvement to Barry's playgrounds

People in Barry say ‘dangerous’ playgrounds need improvement

28 November 2016

People from Barry say Vale of Glamorgan Council needs to do more to improve playgrounds in the area.

They say too many playgrounds are run down and haven’t been updated for many years and some are in such bad condition that they become dangerous for children.

Some parents say they are forced to travel too far to find a playground their children can use.

One father who lives in Porth Y Castell told CJS News ‘there are lots of young families now with not one play area they can go to’.

Mark Roberts (pictured) is another father who has been campaigning for improvement to Barry’s playgrounds. He says the playground closest to his children’s school ‘is quite dangerous for the kids where there’s bushes where either the kids can disappear in to or people can hide in those bushes’.

Mr Roberts says ‘there’s an East West divide in Barry. If you lived in the areas where there’s a lot more social housing, those parks seem to get upgraded on a more regular basis. It seems very unfair on the children that they either don’t have facilities to play or the facilities are inadequate’.

A spokesperson from Vale of Glamorgan Council told CJS News ‘There is considerable work either already under way or due to begin in the near future to upgrade playground facilities’.

The spokesperson says a period of consultation has ended and improvements to playgrounds, particularly ones in West Barry, will be finished by the end of the financial year.

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