Residents in Roath plan to protest tree cuts

24 February 2017

People in Roath are angry that more than a hundred trees are being chopped down next to the Roath Brook.

The work is being carried out by Natural Resources Wales to build a flood prevention wall and a pergola.

A Facebook group has been set up protesting against the work has gained more than 150 followers in the last week.  Some members plan to form a human chain around some of the trees tomorrow morning.

Residents are worried the wall and pergola will ruin the natural look of the brook.  Campaigner Leigh Worrall says: “On the images we have seen of the wall it looks like slate or concrete style, it is not in keeping with the park.  We want the felling to stop so we can have more of a say about which trees are cut.”

Ms. Worrall is not opposing the flood prevention scheme, but she says Cardiff City Council could have done more to raise awareness of the work.

“They [Cardiff Council] could have gone to every door in the local area and informed people of the consultation meetings better.  Many people feel the council have left this go through without defending people in the area who were not aware of what was going on.”

Natural Resources Wales will be cutting down a total of 145 trees as part of the Roath flood defense scheme. More than 100 of the selected trees have been categorised as ‘low quality, decaying, dead, or young trees’.  Natural Resources Wales say they plan to replant 100 trees across Cardiff as a result of the work.

Roath brook is classed as a high risk flood area by Natural Resources Wales – and has burst its banks four times in the last 10 years.  The work being carried out will re-position some of the banks and a wall will be built across the brook to further protect homes and businesses in the area.


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